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08/10/2011 – present
The serendicity project started in a late night discussion with Francois Taddei. We were both inspired by stories of serendipitous learning (like watching a TEDTalk that gives you an unorthodox view of the world) and we wondered how we could build such a network to encourage more of this. We were also both really into the gaming and play mindset, so we decided to create a game to make it happen. It would be a game that connects you to local people who shares same (and sometimes different) interests, and gamers will be encouraged to play together in real life to complete some learning missions. The game is still under development, and we welcome your thoughts and comments.
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Tony is co-founder of TEDtoChina.com and curator of TEDxGuangzhou . He was brought up in a small county where there is only one bookstore. Still, he managed to read a lot of books. The mundane life in high school almost bore him to death, until he found out about the Internet after the Gao Kao. It was like a timely window opening up for a curious mind. He dived into the Internet and has never looked back. He taught himself how to use the Internet and became an early adopter of web2.0 technologies. He found a whole new world of wonder through the Internet and soaked himself in it. It also happens to be a prime time for opensouce software communities, and Tony jumped onto the boat to volunteered as translator for a couple opensource initiatives. He stumbled upon TEDTalks through the iTunes store in 2006 and immediately got hooked. He started translating some of these talks into Chinese and got mesmerized in doing so. Later, he co-founded TEDtoChina.com to pave ways for Chinese who do not understand English to read the most amazing innovation stories of our time. He also curates the TEDxGuangzhou conference, which brings local inspirational stories to light. He worked for the charity program “1KG More” in 2010. Since late 2011, he's been working on a program called “Wiser-U” which aims at cultivating citizen science in China. His ramblings on life and work could be found at tonyyet.com

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tedtochina.com tedxguangzhou.com goodlab.hk goodlabhk.tumblr.com weibo.com/tonyyet

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