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Biochar inventor

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Sanga Moses

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Eco-fuel Africa


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Sanga talking about deforestation and the solution provided by his project, Eco-fuel Africa

Climate Change is the biggest challenge of our time and deforestation is one of the leading causes. Deforestation alone is responsible for 20% of the global CO2 emissions. In this video Sanga talks about how his project Eco-fuel Africa is trying to reduce deforestation in Africa.

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Sanga Moses talking about his plans for Eco fuel Africa

In this emotional video, Sanga Moses explains what motivated him to start Eco-fuel Africa and the challenges his project face.

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Unreasonables - Clean Fuel To Save Africa's Forests

Moses Sanga has been witness to the aggressive deforestation of his home in Africa. He's trying to create a new economy (and save the forests) by empowering locals to make charcoal from something other than wood, and then teaching them how to sell it. http://www.fastcoexist.com/1679913/unreasonables-episode-17-clean-fuel-to-save-africas-forests

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Eco Talk: Manafwa villagers use plastics for fuel

http://www.ntvuganda.co.ug/ Cooking is one of the most important activities that is carried out by many people in their homes on a daily basis.This is done using so many forms and fuels with firewood and charcoal being the common fuels used in rural africa. But now, a new and more dangerous fuel has taken the community of manafwa by storm because of its availability.

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Eco-fuel Africa
06/01/2012 – present
80% of Africans use wood for fuel. This has led to unthinkable destruction of forests. As forests disappear, poor communities are struggling to find cooking fuel. Many kids now have to miss school to walk arduous distances in search of wood. At Eco-fuel Africa, we’re trying to find a solution to this problem. We invented low-cost and tailor-made technology which poor communities can use to convert farm and municipal waste into clean burning fuel briquettes which burn cleaner, burn longer and are 20% cheaper than fuel-wood. Our technology has already brought clean cooking fuel to over 3,500 families in Uganda. For these families, cooking fuel no longer has to be smoky wood. This has also enabled thousands of poor girls to keep in school. We also use part of our proceeds to replant trees in order to try and replace forests already depleted. We have already planted 12,000 trees in Uganda. This is just the beginning! We won’t rest until we have slowed down deforestation in Africa and restored forests.
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Imagine a young man who was born in one of the poorest villages in the world, who first put on shoes at age 13, who first saw television at age 15, who was the first college graduate in his entire clan and who is crazy enough to think that he can reduce global deforestation! Since 2009, I have spent each day of my life trying to find a solution to deforestation in Africa. I quit my Job with just $500 in savings to focus fully on finding solutions to deforestation in Africa. At one time, I had to sell my bed to finance my work. I have a dream. My dream is to stop deforestation in Africa by creating alternative sources of fuel and income for people who currently destroy forests for fuel and income.

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Rice and Beans

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I don’t know when I was born. My mother told me that she was hiding in the middle of a forest during a civil war in Uganda when I was born. That’s it. Both of my parents are illiterate. They can’t even write their names! One day in school, our teacher asked everyone to tell the class when they were born. When it was my turn, I just started crying because I had nothing to say. I later explained to the class that I actually didn’t know when I was born. My teacher suggested that my class helps me to choose a birth date. I was asked to choose the year, my friend chose the month and my teacher chose the date. That’s how I got an official birth date which I still use to date.

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