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Luke Hutchison

Computational biologist

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Luke Hutchison

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researcher in big data, AI, computational biology and parallel computing.

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TED Fellows; Google


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Singularity University on 60 Minutes New Zealand

60 Minutes NZ story describing Singularity University, hosted at NASA Ames. ( http://singularityu.org/ )

Uploaded with permission of the producer, Chris Wilks.

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Designing a new type of flying car
02/01/2010 – present
I'm designing a new type of flying car that is significantly safer and more maneuverable than most quadrocopter designs due to the rotors all being mounted on gimbals.


I am a computer scientist and computational biologist from New Zealand. I grew up programming computers, and completed a PhD in computer science and computational biology at MIT and a postdoc at Harvard Medical School. During the summers while at MIT, I interned at Google, studied intensive Chinese in Beijing, and worked to find interdisciplinary solutions to global grand challenges at Singularity University. I speak English, French, Korean and Chinese, and have traveled several times to China and North Korea to study human rights and freedom of information issues. I spend a lot of time thinking about P vs. NP, the Goldbach Conjecture, how 3 billion base pairs of DNA in your genome turn into 100 trillion cells in your body, and how to build flying cars. I received a TED Fellowship in 2011. I am currently working at Google on a new type of AI algorithm for natural language understanding.

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Favorite meal:
Anything vegan. Vegan food is awesome.

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Fellows Class
Chinese (Simplified)
Living in
Palo Alto, United States
Working in
Mountain View, United States
Born in
Auckland, New Zealand



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