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Julie Freeman

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Julie Freeman

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Artist, Researcher

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Queen Mary University of London, Translating Nature, Open Data Institute


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The Lake
07/07/2005 – present
Can fish make music? A project that explores the sonic capability of electronically tagged fish...
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Dogs' Ears
04/01/2008 – present
Watch the flap, twitch and prick of a dogs ear. The first ever online chat room for dogs sees 21 International pooches talk to you in over 14 languages. Check out the biographies and see who you would love to spend some time with...
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In Particular
04/01/2009 – present
A series of short stereo narratives and graphic imagery that were produced from a residency with Professor Ramsden in Cranfield University's Nanotechnology Centre. The stories aim to help understanding of how nanotechnologies will alter our world.
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I am an artist for whom technology plays an integral part of my practice. My dynamic artworks are often shaped by external influences such as humans, animals or environmental factors. My work explores the relationship between science and the natural world, questioning the use of electronic technologies to ‘translate nature’ – whether it is through a swarm of zoomorphic butterflies responding to air pollution levels; a pair of mobile concrete speakers that lurk in galleries spewing sonic samples; using scientific techniques to misguide an audience by manipulating their sense of smell; or by providing an interactive platform from which to view the flap, twitch and prick of dogs’ ears. I often work collaboratively with scientists, experimenting to transform complex processes and data sets into sound compositions, kinetic objects and animations.

My work is held in a number of private collections, and since 1998 has been shown across the UK in venues such as the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Kinetica, the Barbican Centre and the Science Museum, and internationally in Brazil, Croatia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Russia and the USA.

I'm a graduate of the MA Digital Arts at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University, London and a PhD candidate in Media & Arts Technologies at Queen Mary University of London. I'm also a board member of MzTEK.org and was a founder and Director of Studio Fish, one of the first artist-led organisations set-up in London solely to use digital media in creative and innovative ways (1994-2001).

I have been lucky enough to be awarded fellowships by the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (2003) and TED.com (2011), and have been funded by the British Psychological Society, the Wellcome Trust and I continue to receive support from the Arts Council England.

I am passionate about my work and would love to hear from anyone wishing to collaborate or just chuck some ideas around.

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Anything with mashed potato. I know, I know so plain but so adaptable and I have Irish and Scottish ancestry that is as rooted as a field of potatoes itself.

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TEDGlobal 2011
2013 TED Senior Fellow
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City of Westminster, United Kingdom
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City of Westminster, United Kingdom
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