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Ivana Gadjanski

Neuroscientist + poet

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Ivana Gadjanski

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Researcher, Assistant professor, PhD in Neuroscience, Fulbright Alumna, co-founder of the IT/biotech startup Pubsonic, Reviewer for the Journal of Visual Experiments (JoVE); the Tissue Engineering; PLoS One

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R&D Center for Bioengineering- BioIRC, University Metropolitan (Faculty of Information Technology), Columbia University


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Poezija i naucna karijera - Ivana Gadjanski at TEDxNoviSad

O tome da poezija može da predstavlja oblik motivacije ali i vid komunikacije sa okolinom, svedoči lično iskustvo Ivane Gađanski. Ona nastoji da koristi poeziju, kompleksnu mrežu reči koje nisu uvek povezane na očigledan način, kako bi unela dozu kreativnosti u oblast kojom se bavi. Ivana Gađanski je neuronaučnica koja se bavi tkivnim inženjerstvom hrskavice. Profesija bionaučnika vodila ju je put Nemačke, zatim Njujorka i do ovog trenutka, centralne Srbije. Ivana je prva osoba iz Srbije koja je postala član TEDGlobal Fellow programa. U duhu ideja vrednih širenja, TEDx je program lokalnih, nezavisno organizovanih događaja koji okupljaju ljude kako bi podelili iskustvo nalik TED-u. Na TEDx događaju kombinuju se TEDTalks govori sa govornicima uživo, kako bi pokrenuli dublju diskusiju i povezanost u manjim grupama. Lokalni, nezavisni događaji označeni su kao TEDx, gde je x = nezavisno organizovan TED događaj. TED konferencija obezbeđuje opšta uputstva za TEDx program, ali pojedinačni TEDx događaji su samostalno organizovani.* (*Podložno određenim pravilima i regulativama) In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

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Natural language processing for knowledge extraction in biomedical field
02/25/2013 – present
combination of semantic technologies(natural language processing and machine learning) and data visualization techniques applied to the biomedical text content – innovative approach that brings significant benefit to the user by making finding of stem cell information via queries easier, faster and more effective. Pubsonic team entails 4 of us (two developers - 1 who works on front end - visualization and 1 who works on NLP and machine learning, the 4th is in bizdev). We have advisors from Sorbonne and Columbia and one of the TED Fellows. The goal is to accelerate innovative research and disease-curing treatments by enabling life science professionals to get relevant stem cell data in fast and competent way
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I am from Serbia, many people know only by extremely good tennis players (GO NOVAK DJOKOVIC :) or some other not so extremely good news. Let me just say: do not believe everything you read in the news (ok, Novak is extremely good, that's true :). After I finished my BSc/MS studies in Biology in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, I continued my education/work abroad. First in Germany where I did my PhD in Neuroscience at Georg-August University, Goettingen, one of the highest-ranked universities in Germany. It is associated with 45 Nobel laureates; I studied calcium channels in the model of multiple sclerosis using toxic substances like black mamba venom and alike to block different types of calcium channels and determine which type has the most important role in multiple sclerosis. After the PhD I became a postdoc at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, the highest ranked university in Germany and I worked on in vivo imaging of injured axons in multiple sclerosis. After that postdoc I became assistant professor in Serbia and my interests shifted to stem cell biology and tissue engineering. After I received Fulbright Visiting Scholar Award I went to the Columbia University - Lab for Stem cells and Tissue Engineering (Head Prof. dr Gordana Vunjak Novakovic) to work on calcium signaling in stem cell-based cartilage tissue engineering. It was a very fruitful year at Columbia - I have 2 published science papers in high-impact journals and the 3rd on revision. However, I'm not "just" a lab-dwelliing science nerd :)) I also LOVE to travel, do adrenaline-boosting things (like walking alone through the military zone in East Jerusalem, getting in the small plane to high turbulence over the Grand Canyon, walking through the unlit coalmine in Central Serbia etc). I am also a big fan of coffee (double espresso with just a bit of lactose-free milk being my favorite) and I have an unusual passion for seafood. That passion is matched only by my passion for reading (mostly sci-fi and epic fantasy books - love love love Neil Stephenson and Martin!) I also love Edgar Allan Poe, especially his poems. And I write poems myself. Some critics call my poetry "organic poetry". I love that description. I currently am deep into R&D for my IT/biotech startup Pubsonic - we are making emantic search algorithm to extract knowledge from the largest scientific data bases and present it in the form of clickable diagrams which allow visualization of the complex signaling mechanisms underlying stem cell differentiation in health and disease.

Fun facts

Favorite meal:
anything with shrimps and/or salmon! Or chocolate! Or chili! Chili and chocolate can mix. Shrimps/salmon with some rice on the side. And chardonnay to go with it all. WIth strong espresso to follow. Bliss!

A funny story about me:
Once I held a lab meeting presentation wearing Yoda costume :) (well, only the 3 fingered gloves from the costume, but still it had a good effect :)

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TEDGlobal 2012
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Belgrade, Serbia
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Belgrade, Serbia
Born in
Novi Sad, Serbia



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