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David Lang

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David Lang

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co-founder, author

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OpenROV, Zero to Maker


OpenROV Explores Aquarius

One World One Ocean presents, in association with Liquid Pictures 3D -- Mission Aquarius -- a project of Aquarius Reef Base. Join the expedition at http://oneworldoneocean.org/aquarius -- Introducing an open-source, tele-robotic submarine with live streaming video. You control it from the surface, and you see what it sees. Gone are the days of super expensive remotely operated vehicles. Now Open ROV is crowd-sourcing exploration, because a lot of amazing discoveries were made by chance, and the more people out there exploring, the more chance we have of understanding the mysteries of the ocean. Join us on the first real test of this exciting new technology in a dynamic ocean environment, at Aquarius. "It shouldn't take a research grant to do exploration, it should take curiosity," says creator Eric Stackpole. Since 1993, America's "inner space station" has helped us understand the disappearance of coral reefs, train NASA astronauts for space and research sea sponges, the source of two cancer drugs. The discoveries made at Aquarius have opened our eyes to how little we really know about the vast complexity of the ocean. It is one of the planet's most important brain trusts, and this is part of its last scheduled mission. Special thanks to: Aquarius Reef Base - http://aquarius.uncw.edu/ DJ Roller and Liquid Pictures 3D - http://www.liquidpictures3d.com/

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07/01/2011 – present
Open-source, low-cost underwater robots!
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Zero to Maker
01/01/2012 – present
A guide to getting involved with the maker movement.
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David Lang is a co-founder of OpenROV, a community of citizen ocean explorers and creators of low-cost underwater robots. He is the author of Zero to Maker and a contributing editor to MAKE: Magazine where he chronicled his journey from under-skilled beginner to manufacturing entrepreneur and ocean explorer. The book is a guide for anyone-- regardless of experience level-- to get involved with the maker movement and digital fabrication tools, like 3D printing. He lives on a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay.

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