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Christine Marie

Shadow artist

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Christine Marie

Professional Role

Current Titles:

Director and designer for theater and media. Inventor of large scale 3D shadowlights.

Current Organizations:

Shadows In Stereo, Pixar, Dreamworks, Intersection for the Arts


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Ground To Cloud

Performed at the Redcat theater in Los Angeles for the NOW Festival. Ground To Cloud, is a front projected, large scale cinematic shadow theater performances inspired by electricity. The stories of Saint Barbara and Ben Franklin blend to create a work expressionist theater.

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Peter's Shadow

Direction, design and adaptation by Christine Marie.
Original score by Gary Schultz.

This is an excerpt from the opening sequence. Peter's Shadow, is performed with three moving screens, hand held shadow lights and features one scene in anaglyph 3D.

Peters' Shadow, is a play adapted from an 18th century story of a man named Peter Schlemiehl who sells his shadow to a mysterious illusionist called, The Grey Man. Throughout his journey Peter finds friendship, love and a purse of endless gold. Ultimately he must forgo each of these in order to banish evil and retain his Soul. This archetypal relationship between the Trickster and the Fool is illustrated throughout this production and the representation of experiential knowledge versus scholarly pursuit.

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American artist specializing in creating, directing, choreographing and performing large scale cinematic shadow theater with 3D stereoscopic effects. I was raised in a small town in NewYork state. I spent a lot of time playing in the large woods behind our home. As a teen my family moved to Los Angeles and I experienced culture shock. I am a mix of nature girl and valley girl. I need both the city and the deep forest. Yet I am most comfortable in the dark, dark theaters and studios where I make my work with shadows. more to come...

Fun facts

A funny story about me:
Although I presently have no dietary limitations, in my early 20's I was a "raw fooder," eating only fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables for many years. I loved the diet and I had a lot of energy! I was a head chef at a raw restaurant until I started my own catering company and host of exclusive dining events. I was lucky to spend one week in Palo Alto preparing meals for Steve Jobs and training his chefs. I was told that he liked the pudding I made with avocados... and the sprouted wild rice dish.

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San Francisco, United States
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Los Angeles, Chile
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