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Cesar Harada

Inventor + environmentalist

Cesar Harada

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CEO Protei INC (USA), CEO Scoutbots LTD (HK). We develop Open technologies for the ocean. Protei is a shape shifting sailing robot to explore and clean the oceans.

Current Organizations:

- TED Senior Fellow 2010-2011-2012. - Visiting Tutor in Design & Environment, Goldsmiths University, London UK. - MPhil Candidate in Design & Environment, Goldsmiths University, London UK. [http://www.designandenvironment.co.uk] - Social Entrepreneurs


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International Ocean Station
02/01/2009 – present
We're developing open-source technologies to explore and study the oceans. Join us in designing, testing and building the International Ocean Station!
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Protei, Open Source, Sailing Drone
02/01/2009 – present
Current oil spill skimming technology could only collect 3% of the DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The health of workers was exposed to cancerous toxicant, the boats were expensive and pollutive to operate, they could not operate in bad weather (hurricane seaon) they could not operate at night or far away. Protei is a technology currently in development that will provide - Unmanned, no human exposed to toxicant. - Green and cheap, sailing upwind, capturing oil downwind. - Self-righting, rugged, can operate in hurricane time. - Semi-autonomous : can swarm continuously and far away. Protei is not the result of academic or scientific research. Protei is a direct response to environmental crises, including the financial and technological inaccessibility of solutions to the general public. It is an exploration of the concept of a flexible-hull sailing boat, and the consequences of this bio-inspired design. As the design of the individual Protei vessel improves, further versions will develop towards the behavior of multiple vessels, making up a swarm of sailing drones. As we progress, the vessel will move towards energetic autonomy, possessing sensing and decision-making skills, and eventually will evolve from a centralized swarm control to a decentralised peer-to-peer autonomy. Protei can eventually be appropriated for other purposes, such as cleaning other chemical pollutants and material waste from the water, as well as collecting samples for ocean research.
But reaching the point to use Protei on all these different applications is quite a stretch. We can make that immediate jump and we’ll need to make incremental technological development. A Protei 1m for Ocean Sensing will be first developed as a toy. A Protei 6m for Ocean Cleaning will be first developed as a manned leisure sailing boat.
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Cesar Minoru Harada 原田 実 (29) is an French-Japanese inventor and entrepreneur. 
Cesar invented Protei, a ground-breaking sailing technology. Cesar is also the general coordinator of the future International Ocean Station and oil spill remediation robotics. Cesar moved back from New Orleans - where he was studying the oil spill - back to London where he set up the HQ of Protei as a revolutionary sailing technology. Cesar is now teaching Masters in Design & Environment at Goldsmiths University London. Cesar recently went to Japan to study radioactivity along the eastern coast and hope to come back soon with Protei to measure radioactivity in the Pacific. Similarly Cesar wants to use Protei to study Plastic debris in the oceans and red tides along the coasts of Mexico. Former project leader at MIT in Boston USA, Cesar graduated form the Royal College of Arts Design Interactions in London. He worked at the Southampton University Hydrodynamics laboratory on wave energy. Cesar also studied Industrial design at the ENSCI (les Ateliers Paris) and Animation film at ENSAD (Arts Decoratifs de Paris). His films, performances and installations have been participating many festivals and events in the USA, Japan, France, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Germany … He lectured at V2_ Rotterdam, Barbican London, CCCB Barcelona, Goldsmiths University London, Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh, MIT Media Lab Cambridge, National Institute of Architecture of the Netherlands...

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Check my favorite website! My first travel medium... http://www.instructables.com/id/%3E-filming-boat-%3C/

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2011 TED Senior Fellow
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Bayonne, France


www.protei.org www.opensailing.net www.cesarharada.com/

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