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Asha de Vos

Blue Whale scientist

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Asha de Vos

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Marine biologist, oceanographer, cetologist, educator

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The Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project and The University of California Santa Cruz


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Why are blue whales so enormous? - Asha de Vos

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-are-blue-whales-so-enormous-asha-de-vos Blue whales are the largest animals on the planet, but what helps them grow to the length of a basketball court? Asha de Vos explains why the size of krill make them the ideal food for the blue whale -- it's as if the blue whale was made to eat krill (and krill was made to be eaten by the blue whale). Lesson by Asha De Vos, animation by Cognitive Media.

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Saving Blue Whales

http://cellsoftware1.blogspot.com click this link 4 more The marine biologist Asha de Vos wants to save a little-understood population of blue whales off the coast of Sri Lanka.

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Biologist describes campaign to save Sri Lanka's blue whale

Marine biologist Asha de Vos describes her efforts to protect a rare blue whale species living off Sri Lanka's coast. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/cnn

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Blue Heaven

Documentary feature by Channel 7 Australia on the work of Asha de Vos and The Sri Lankan Blue Whale project from 2011.

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Asha de Vos

On this program Sanjana Hattotuwa talks to Asha de Vos, Marine Biologist, TED Fellow 2012

(Date of first Broadcast April 15, 2012)

The series that gives you insights on Peace and Politics; Business and Development; Society and the Environment; Culture and the Arts.

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The Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project
? – present
Dedicated to increasing awareness about the unusual population of Northern Indian Ocean blue whales and inspiring the next generation of marine biologists
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I am a born, bred and proud Sri Lankan. I work to save a population of blue whales, that I call The Unorthodox Whales, in the waters of the northern Indian Ocean but I also try to inspire the next generation of ocean heroes. My work has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, BBC, Channel 7 Australia, National Geographic online and in many newspapers around the world. When I am not working on my research, I can usually be found longingly hovering around, on or in the water, eating, running or telling stories about my other super-power which involves attracting weirdos...

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Sri Lankan food is phenomenal and I have many favourites! Kotthu roti, hoppers, pol sambol, gotukola sambol, short eats....the list is endless - and it leaves me salivating on my key board! In general, i <3 food.

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Where to start....

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2013 TED Senior Fellow
Sinhala (Sinhalese)
Living in
Santa Cruz, United States
Working in
Santa Cruz, United States
Born in
Colombo, Sri Lanka



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